Ivan A. Hernandez is a postdoctoral research scholar at San Diego State University. Ivan is a Latinx first-generation college student who earned his B.A. in Psychological Science from California State University San Marcos and his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Northwestern University.

Ivan is passionate about mentoring and supporting students, especially students from historically marginalized and minoritized backgrounds. He strives to improve educational contexts for these students through teaching, academic service, community outreach, and scientific research. Ivan believes that students of color and students from lower socioeconomic status backgrounds have gained unique strengths, skills, and perspectives as a result of their lived experiences that make them an asset to educational spaces and to society broadly.

In his free time, Ivan enjoys spending time with family, music, reading, and fĂștbol!

email: iahernandez@sdsu.edu

twitter: @Ivan_AHernandez